Durant's Point, Hatteras


Durant’s Point living shoreline is one of the case studies used in a recent report assessing why people choose natural infrastructure for protecting and restoring shorelines.

The marsh continues to fill in and the sill is doing its job. Ongoing monitoring of the shoreline has been essential in the site's success, and marsh plantings have been executed as needed. Hatteras residents and visitors enjoy the marsh for its diverse habitat and species, as well as the purpose it serves for protecting the shoreline.

Since its initial construction the sill has weathered three hurricanes, a summer of drought, and countless tropical storms. The sill has held up remarkably well, and photos from our recent monitoring effort show how the plants are filling in to create habitat for fish, crabs, shrimp and other juvenile organisms.

 Durant’s Point living shoreline project was first constructed in 2011. To read more about the project’s inception and the partnership efforts of Dare County, private landowners, the federation, local fishermen and school groups that made it possible, check out this fact sheet.


Funding agencies and partners for this project include NCCF, NOAA, Restore America's Estuaries, and Carlson Family Foundation.