Goldbug Island Living Shoreline


The Goldbug Island Living Shoreline project consists of a 240 foot long reef and is made of wooden pallets, oyster castles, cement blocks, and bagged shell to stabilize marsh edge. Pallets were wrapped in geotextile fabric before deployment and then six oyster castles, three cement blocks and nine bags of shell were placed on top of each pallet. The reef was designed by CH2M so materials are elevated out of the mud, promote optimal oyster growth, and attenuate wave energy. All materials have all been used before, but never in this combination. TNC will be monitoring water quality, oyster recruitment, oyster growth and marsh vegetation growth. SCDNR will be assessing sediment composition and accretion behind the reef.

Objectives: Successful Habitat Restoration, Reduced Risk / Impacts, Environmental Benefits

Technical Details

Techniques: Tidal Wetland Construction, Oyster Reef Construction, Research / Recommendations


This project is part of a two-year grant from Wildlife Conservation Society.

Partners: Lowcountry Land Trust, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, East Cooper Outboard Motor Club, CH2M, H&E Equipment Services

Volunteers: 60 volunteers engaged, 760 total volunteer hours


  • Joy Brown, SCFO
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