Indian Creek Park Shoreline Restoration Project


The Apalachicola Riverkeeper and Franklin County cooperated in 2009 to restore approximately 300 ft of shoreline on East Bay. The design incorporated construction of a breakwater, marsh planting, and upland community restoration above the breakwater. This project succeeded in removing fill, restoring the shoreline to natural grade, and creating natural shoreline habitats of marsh grass, oyster reef, and upland grasses, shrubs and trees.

Technical Details

This project restored approximately 302x50 ft of bay shoreline. The design incorporated a constructed breakwater to buffer the shoreline from wave action that consisted of 1-3 ft diameter granite boulders provided by the county. A 10 ft wide band of marsh was planted landward of the breakwater. The uplands were restored for at least 50 ft above the breakwater. This project site was purchased by Franklin County with Florida Community Trust conservation land acquisition funds to help protect Apalachicola Bay from poor land development and land use practices.


The Apalachicola Riverkeeper and Franklin County provided primary coordination and funding for this shoreline restoration project. The Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve was a cooperating partner in the design, monitoring efforts, and public education components.


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