Matts Landing, Maurice River


The Matts Landing living shoreline was created in 2010 by placing coconut fiber mats and coir logs on the shoreline. Marsh grasses were planted behind the coir logs. The idea was for the marsh grass to grow into the tightly woven coir fiber mats, which in combination with the coir logs would provide an even more protective barrier against incoming wave energy and ice damage. This approach relied on the mutualistic relationship between marsh grass and ribbed mussels, the dominant species in the area, to create an even more armored barrier. This approach turned out to be successful, as the marsh grass and ribbed mussels have flourished, and in doing so protected the shoreline from Superstorm Sandy in 2012. 


The funding agencies and partners for this project include Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and BP.


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