NC Center for Advancement of Teaching


The shoreline of NCCAT’s Ocracoke campus was eroding due the shoreline’s exposure to over 30 miles of fetch across Pamlico Sound as well as the boat and ferry traffic in and out of Silver Lake Harbor. Working in partnership with the North Carolina State Construction Office, the staff of NCCAT, public school teachers throughout North Carolina and the local Ocracoke School, the North Carolina Coastal Federation worked to create over 2 acres of coastal marsh and riparian vegetation.

Technical Details

The shoreline was protected with a 725-foot-long granite sill built in sections of about 150 feet each. The sill was placed approximately 200 feet from the eroded shoreline and sand fill was brought in to bring the elevation up to appropriate planting depths.


N.C. State Construction Office, Dominion Power North Carolina provided funding for educational seminars; NOAA and RAE Community-based Restoration Partnership funded the marsh grass plantings and educational lessons


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