Oak Island Waterway Park


The North Carolina Coastal Federation received funding to restore and enhance 9.3 acres of intertidal and shallow subtidal patch Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) reef habitat, as well as 1.24 acres of salt marsh habitat and sites in Lockwood Folly River, Masonboro Sound, Stump sound and White Oak River.

Technical Details

The proposed project under review for authorization by CAMA’s sill General Permit will occur at Project Area #1 in the lower Lockwood Folly River in Brunswick County. The project includes construction of 200 linear feet of an oyster shell bag sill structure and associated marsh plantings, representing the restoration of 0.2 oyster reef habitat and 0.1 acre of coastal marsh/riparian buffer habitat. The project was along the shoreline adjacent to Waterway Park (NE 14th St.) in Oak Island, Brunswick County, NC.


North Carolina Coastal Federation, Estuary Recovery Act, USACE


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