San Francisco Bay Living Shorelines: Near-shore Linkages Project



The State Coastal Conservancy ( and multiple state, federal, and non-profit partners constructed native oyster and eelgrass beds as part of an innovative habitat restoration and climate change adaptation pilot project constructed in summer 2012 in San Francisco Bay. Working with landowners, The Nature Conservancy and the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, the project builds upon 50 year regional goals for the restoration and protection of subtidal habitats in the bay ( Project partners at San Francisco State University’s Romberg Tiburon Center, UC Davis, USGS Western Ecological Research Center, and ESA have been collecting data on the growth and survival of the oyster and eelgrass treatments; use by invertebrates, fish, and birds; and monitoring physical effects. Early results are providing critical information about the potential benefits of using natural reefs along the shoreline to protect habitat in the face of sea level rise and climate change. Please see our monitoring report on data from 2012-2014 at


  • Marilyn Latta