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Living Shorelines, Living Coasts (Part II)

Living Shoreline Project Planning and Implementation: An Introductory Course for Marine Professionals

This online training course will provide consultants, contractors and other professionals in the field of shore erosion control with basic information on the design and construction of living shorelines. Although this course is designed to serve as an introduction to living shoreline projects, the training includes many links to additional training and useful resources to help with all phases of the process. Marine professionals who complete this training may wish to contact local or state coastal management agencies about living shoreline field training opportunities that may exist in your region.

Introduction Module

This module provides the introduction to this training course.

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Module 2­

In this module, you will learn about the importance of understanding your shoreline type when selecting the right living shoreline method for your property.

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Module 3­

In this module, we will discuss the key criteria for a site assessment.

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Module 4­

In this module, you will learn about some important design considerations for living shoreline projects.

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Module 5­

In this module, you will be introduced to the sequence of events necessary in constructing living shorelines.

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Module 6­

The demand for living shorelines is increasing. Thus, in this module, we discuss business considerations and incentives for marine contractors and other professionals who are considering adding living shorelines to their portfolio.

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Module 7­

In this module, we will present some common concerns and questions/answers for discussion between marine professionals and waterfront landowners.

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Module 8­

In this module, we discuss the types of information that property owners can provide marine contractors, which will help to determine the best living shoreline approach for their needs..

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Module 9­

In this module, you will learn where to go to find additional information and training resources for living shorelines.

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Module 10­

In this module, you will learn about available database of completed living shoreline projects.

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Final quiz

Complete the final quiz to review what you have learned in the modules and to receive your certificate.

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