Delaware Inland Bays


As part of PDE’s recent efforts to increase the number of living shoreline demonstration and research study sites, in 2013, we partnered with Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) implement two bio-based living shorelines at Delaware Seashore State Park in the Inland Bays, DE. Two uniquely different shorelines were restored at the Indian River Marina in Rehoboth Beach, DE. The “marsh” restoration site was constructed to address an undercut and deteriorating existing salt marsh shoreline. The “rip-rap” restoration site was built along a sandy shoreline as an option for “greening-up” an existing riprap structure. Both sites are exposed to low wave energy, so standard vegetated living shoreline tactics were selected, similar to those at the Lewes site. Following installation, clean sand fill was brought to the restoration sites and graded to the desired elevation and slope before planting with Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora). Both Living Shoreline projects were installed in spring, 2014 and were monitored annually. At the Rip Rap site, the living shoreline area gained 146.83m2 of salt marsh while the paired control 14.95m2, and the Marsh site gained 63.87m2 of salt marsh behind the living shoreline and the paired control lost 7.20m2. Appropriate vertical position within the local tidal datum was maintained for salt marsh cordgrass persistence. The living shoreline will continue to be monitored. A map of project can be seen here, all work done with the Delaware Living Shoreline Committee. See PDE’s website for more information on living shorelines: A map of projects completed in Delaware can be seen here, all work done with the Delaware Living Shoreline Committee.


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