Gandy's Beach/Money Island, Downe


The Money Island Creek project occurred in two creeks running parallel to the main road to Money Island in Downe Twp, NJ.  The goal of the project was to stabilize the existing creek banks that provided support to the edges of the road, as well as to provide ecological uplift the plant and animal communities (i.e. salt marsh cordgrass and ribbed mussels) that can enhance the long term stability of the natural marsh.  In 2014,  coir fiber logs and oyster shell bags were deployed in parallel cusps along the channels. In the months/years following the log installation as sediment accumulated, Spartina alterniflora plugs and salvage grasses were planted in and around the coir logs. 

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The funding agencies and partners for this project include U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, Rutgers University Haskins Shellfish Research Lab, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and The Nature Conservancy.


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