Narrows Pointe


Narrows Pointe is a community of 38 homeowners located along the Chester River. A high energy environment has caused 2-4 feet of erosion annually. Wetland/marsh vegetation is being lost, sediment and nutrients enter the water and ultimately homes will be at risk. A living shoreline will protect the land from further erosion, create new tidal marsh and provide a healthy wetland habitat for fish, crabs, and other wildlife. A demonstration project is planned for community outreach and education. Activities include: a workshop, a marsh planting and environmental classroom, a brochure, a website, an interpretive panel, and newspaper articles.

Technical Details

A contract was awarded to Coastal Design and Construction to build the stone sills and install sand for the new marsh. Using designs approved by Maryland MDE, DNR and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers the contractor:

  • Established 1,945 linear feet of stone sills with windows to allow flushing. 7,306.4 tons of stone was used in the construction of sills.
  • Enhanced 8,258 square feet of existing marsh by providing a protective barrier from further erosion.
  •  Created 31,540 square feet of new wetlands. 2,228 tons of sand was used to create new marsh. Under partnerships with CBEC and DNR, Volunteer Marsh Planting events were held 18 – 22 April installing plants in the new marsh sand
  • 7,000 high-marsh Spartina patens and more than 7,000 low-marsh Spartina alterinflora were planted.
  • 50 volunteers participated.
  • Education, outreach and an environmental classroom was held. o Separately, a community workshop was held at CBEC facilities.
  • The completed project protects the land from further erosion, protects existing tidal marsh, created new tidal marsh and provides a healthy wetland habitat for fish, crabs, and other wildlife.


This grant program was a partnership between the Chesapeake Bay Trust, the Maryland Department of the Environment, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Other partnerships include Narrows Pointe Council of Unit Owners, Inc, Queen Anne County Planning and Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.


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