NC Aquarium, Pine Knoll Shores


The North Carolina Aquarium location in Pine Knoll Shores, NC had an eroding shoreline along the northern border of its property on Bogue Sound. The work consisted of:  

1. Constructing approximately 400’ of stone sill for shoreline stabilization of coastal marsh;

2. Raising the elevation of approximately 0.10 acres of eroded tidal marsh with 1 foot or less of clean imported sand and planting marsh plants (Spartina alterniflora and Spartina patens);

3. Enhancing oyster habitat by spreading oyster culch along alignment of new stone sill; and

4. Relocating a stairway and constructing a canoe launch ramp on west side of existing dock.


Funding agencies and partners for this project include the North Carolina Coastal Federation, Carteret County Schools, NOAA, NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, NCDMF, NCDP, NC Sea Grant, RCDB Funding Mechanism, UNC, and UNCW.

Contract Sum for Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium Shoreline Stabilization/Marsh Restoration: $42,141