Oak Point Living Shoreline


The Oak Point Living Shoreline project is 100' long and made of bagged shell to stabilize marsh edge and support habitat development. The reef is four rows of bagged shell; the top row of bags is parallel to shoreline (1 bag deep) and the three rows below are perpendicular to shoreline with a double layer of bagged shell. SCDNR Geological Survey monitored sediment accretion. Monitoring results showed sediments accreted quickly behind and on the reef materials. Sedimentation precluded oyster recruitment and growth.

Project Objectives: Successful Habitat Restoration, Reduced Risk / Impacts, Environmental Benefits

Technical Details

Techniques: Oyster Reef Construction, Creation of Tidal Wetland and Soft Bottom Mud/Sand


This project is part of a two-year grant from Wildlife Conservation Society.

Partners: Lowcountry Land Trust, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources


  • Joy Brown, SCFO
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