Springers Point


The Springer’s Point Preserve (the Point) is a local Ocracoke cultural landmark. The reputed lair and hideout of renowned pirate, Blackbeard, the Point factors into local lore and is a draw for visitors and residents alike. It is owned and protected by the N.C. Coastal Land Trust. The preserve includes almost a quarter-mile-long shoreline that is eroding due to waves generated across Pamlico Sound and boat wake from a nearby navigation channel. The North Carolina Coastal Federation and Coastal Land Trust partnered to protect the shoreline and marsh.

Technical Details

Various sizes of concrete and rip rap, salvaged from the old naval base on Ocracoke, had been placed along approximately 500 feet of the preserve's shoreline at the end of World War II. Over time, pieces of this structure shifted and in some areas the structure was compromised. The partners devised a plan where a marine contractor reconfigured existing rip rap where possible to create a structure with more integrity. Where the concrete left off, local fishermen placed bags of oyster shell to create a sill that buffers the shoreline. Later in the spring, community volunteers assisted with planting native marsh grasses in areas that have eroded.


North Carolina Coastal Federation, NC Coastal Land Trust, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Coastal Program, RAE


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