The Preservation of the Shoreline of Church Point on the St. Mary's River


This project encompassed two separate properties that are adjacent to each other on the St. Mary’s River. The first property is owned by Trinity Episcopal Church and involved the reconstruction of approximately 435 linear feet of a living shoreline that was built circa 1998. The second property is owned by the State of Maryland and is operated by the Historic St. Mary’s City Commission. Their part of the project was to build a living shoreline approximately 190 feet long that would complete previous projects in the vicinity of the Dove Pier. The St. Mary’s Soil Conservation District acted as the agent for the owners so that grant funds could be utilized for the construction projects. The District provided the construction design, solicited bids, provided construction inspection and certified the projects completed as designed through “as-built” certification. The Trinity Church portion of the project created .26 acres of new tidal marsh along 435 linear feet of shoreline and the Historic St. Mary’s City portion created .07 acres of new tidal marsh along 180 linear feet of shoreline.

Technical Details

Include quantitative, site specific data like sill heights and project area, as well as other descriptive information. A good example is: "This project included the construction of 300 linear feet of a stone sill structure at the north end of the property, stone revetment along 426 linear feet of bulkhead on the western part of the property, restoration of 0.25 acres of tidal marsh, and the regrading of upland area for vegetation growth."


This grant program was a partnership between the Chesapeake Bay Trust, the Maryland Department of the Environment, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Other partnerships include Historic Saint Mary's City, Saint Mary's College of Maryland and Saint Mary's River Watershed Association.


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