"wave fence"

8 years 3 weeks ago #51 by Bill Sapp
"wave fence" was created by Bill Sapp
I posted a pictured of a "wave fence" in the featured photographs.  I am looking for information on when such structures are appropriate.  Any help would be much appreciated. These wave fences are really just vertical walled sills, with gaps to allow for water flow and fish passage. They are very effective in the right locations, and can be constructed of wood, vinyl, etc. We have just constructed a section of vinyl low profile sill with marsh plantings to compare to our oyster bag and stone sills at our property at Morris Landing in Onslow County, NC. Can post photos of it if helpful.Bret,I will see you at the conference. Maybe we can talk about this then.BillBill,Can you be more specific? As with any wave attenuating structure, its use is site and case specific. I don't think there is an easy answer to your question, but I believe I can help you.

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