Request for Data - Properties with Bulkheads

8 years 1 month ago #52 by bwebb
I am looking for a very specific set of data. I need pre- and post-storm profile elevation data for a property (or properties) with a bulkhead that failed during a storm.  While the most helpful data would come from a property along a sheltered shoreline, anything will generally do. In addition to the profile elevation data I would also need to know the general location and the times they were collected.I figured I would find many good candidates along Mobile Bay... and I did. I was able to extract transects from post-Katrina LiDAR data but alas, I have no pre-storm data for which to compare. All of the pre-Katrina LiDAR data is along the open coast only. I could make some logical assumptions about what the pre-storm profile may have looked like and that's what I will have to do in some cases. However, I thought I would at least make an attempt at casting a wider net here in the forums to see if anybody had similar data.Speaking of bulkheads... because I have never seen it in a well-documented form, I am going to be doing some qualitative bulkhead experiments in the South Alabama wave basin soon. I have a student that is going to construct a modular bulkhead that can be reconfigured for many different purposes. The idea will be to photo- and video-document shoreline response to a bulkhead under a variety of scenarios. Because of the scale and time issues it may end up being a total bust, but I've got an undergraduate student who wants to do some work. Let me know if you have any ideas you would like tested.Thanks,-bmw

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