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Just wanted to give everyone a brief status update regarding the ASCE - COPRI Living Shorelines project database. The current plan is to have the web site and database live and fully functional by the time of the RAE 2014 conference (November 2014). ASCE-COPRI is one of the conference sponsors and will have an exhibitor booth with computer stations for accessing and interacting with the database. Hopefully, this means that the database will also be open to the public so that they can start to load their own projects and project information.If you are not familiar with this project database you can access it here: . The web site contains (will contain) a searchable database of living shoreline projects in the US. The only projects in the database right now are those that have been added by the COPRI living shorelines committee members that were charged with developing the database. The intent was always to allow the public to enter their own projects and project information, but there have been some logistical and technical challenges that had to be overcome along the way. Contact me if you need more information.-bmw It is exciting that the database is almost ready.

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